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You have until April 18 to make AZ tax credit donations and count them when you file your 2021 taxes! The Arizona Nonprofit Organization Tax Credit allows you to donate, and claim a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit of up to $800 if married filing jointly, or $400 if filing individually! You can claim this tax credit in addition to the Arizona Foster Care Charitable Giving Tax Credit and the School Tax Credit.

You can receive this dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state income tax return while helping children impacted by foster care who are part of our community - at no additional cost to you. Your gift goes to work right away at Jacob's Mission Community Center after school program, providing services such as tutoring, life skills for youth, art, dance, piano, musical theater and so much more!
EIN # 86-2597271

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We often hear that our child welfare system is a broken system. The part that is often left out of those conversations is the broken children who are caught up in that system through no fault of their own. Help us change the trajectory of their lives one child at a time. Donate today!

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Shade Tree Academy

Redirect This Year's Income Taxes to Shade Tree Academy (STA) Through the Private School Tax Credit, Without Any Cost to You, and Help Fund a Trauma Informed Education to a Child in Need!

You have to pay the money anyway, why not use it to make a difference in the life of a student who has experienced trauma? STA students will receive dollar-for-dollar tax credit for their tuition. This is an exceptional once-a-year opportunity to help make high-quality, individualized trauma focused education affordable and available to more students. Pleas join us in our goal to welcome 20 students for the next school year.

You may claim an AZ tax credit for making contributions to a School Tuition Organization to create scholarships for kids in private school. Shade Tree Academy will be a Trauma Focused School to help children impacted by foster care learn to feel safe, learn grounding and calming techniques and we will help meet their educational needs. Maximum Tax Credit of $2,365 for married filing jointly and $1,183 for single filers. This donation is more than just a deduction. It is a dollar for dollar reduction in what you owe or an increase in your refund.
EIN # 85-2478255

Mail -in Tax Credit Donation

For individuals who wish to mail in a tax credit donation, you can send it to:


7830 E. University Dr.

Mesa, AZ 85207

Please specify if your donation is going to ASA Now, Jacob's Mission Community Center or Shade Tree Academy. Be sure to include your email if you prefer to receive an electronic receipt.

You can also make your donation by phone at 623-428-1592.

Jacob's Mission Community Center - JMCC

Help us make a greater impact this year. JMCC's Mission is to provide free out-of-school programs to help improve high school achievement and workforce placement to children and youth impacted by foster care through tutoring, trade skills classes, transition to adulthood programs, mentorship, and extracurricular activities. 

Jacob's Mission Community Center is a 501(c)(3) public charity. When you make a charitable contribution of cash to a qualifying public charity, in 2021, under the Consolidated Appropriations Act1, you can deduct up to 100% of your adjusted gross income. A tax deduction is a reduction of income that is able to be taxed. In order to take a tax deduction for a charitable contribution, you'll need to forgo the standard deduction in favor of itemized deductions.

Jacob's Mission Community Center tax ID is 86-2597271 and our QCO #22443


Gifts from people like you make a difference. Making a donation today shows your support for the 14,000 children and youth who are currently in foster care and the families caring for them. Partner with us every year to create transformational change in their lives by helping us meet immediate needs for them. From HOPE bags filled with clothing, socks, underwear, hygiene kits, books, blankets, to birthday requests, to emergency food boxes, support groups, workshops and so much more!

ASA Now is an Arizona Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization. Arizona tax law allows those who donate to a qualifying Foster Care charitable organization to receive a maximum tax credit of $1,000 for joint filers and $500 for single filers. This donation is more than just a deduction. It is a dollar for dollar reduction in what you owe or an increase in your refund. You have until April 18 to make AZ tax credit donations and count them when you file your 2021 taxes!  EIN #81-2819648 QFCO #10046