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Deserve To Feel 

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Their Fullest 



Please consider volunteering an hour of your time to help us make meaningful impact in the lives of the children we serve.

Tutoring - Foster children drop out of school at twice the rate of other children. Researchers attribute the greater risk to repeated transfers where valuable credits, school records, and social networks are lost and where curriculum differs. Foster children are also estimated to lose approx. 6 months of emotional development with each new placement furthering their challenges in a new classroom. The community center offers small group and individual tutoring to help keep our children successful in the classroom and on track to graduate.

Extra Curricular Activities  - We help our foster and adoptive children reach their fullest potential by helping them discover and develop their talents. We offer activities in the community center like karate, dance, art , cooking, yoga, guitar, piano and musical theater which build confidence, create self discipline, provide coping skills and foster a sense of belonging. These opportunities allow our children to pursue their dreams and set goals.

Note: Volunteers will be required to attend an orientation and trauma training prior to volunteering. We will provide this free training. 

Adults and mature teens are welcome to volunteer!

We Need Volunteers!


Despite the growing concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), meeting basic needs remains our top priority.

We continue to serve families during scheduled event times or by appointment only. All donated items provided and distributed to caregivers are handled using appropriate social distancing, sanitation and hygiene guidelines.

Adults and mature teens are welcome to volunteer.

​Volunteers Needed:

Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. 

Priority is as follows:

- Sort and put away donations
- Prepare Food Boxes 

- Emergency Clothing Request 
- Fill Birthday box request
- Assist with cleaning tasks​

Want to serve in other ways? We want to hear from anyone willing to donate their time and talents to our cause:

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ASA Now Volunteer Opportunities

There are daily opportunities to serve. Click on our calendar of events to sign up.


Please consider volunteering one to three and a half hours of your time to help us make meaningful impact in the lives of the children we serve.

​Many children coming through the foster care system have special physical, mental health and developmental needs. Many of these children have suffered varying degrees of trauma, neglect and abuse which often manifests as challenging and extreme behaviors requiring above-average attention.

Caring for children impacted by foster care on a daily basis can be very stressful and difficult for foster and adoptive parents. This ultimately takes a toll on the family as a whole. Our community center provides a much needed break for exhausted foster and adoptive parents while still meeting the special needs of the children. This intervention provides parents with an opportunity to recharge, prevent burn-out, stabilize the whole family, and ultimately result in fewer foster and adoptive disruptions.

This event includes dinner  for ALL attendees

Note: You may volunteer to supervise children, run an activity or serve food.
Adults and mature teens are welcome to volunteer!