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After-School Tutoring

School-aged children from at-risk populations find consistency and caring support from volunteers who freely give time and resources to show that Arizona children matter. Our current volunteers and interns from Arizona State University have gone through our Trauma Informed Care Trainings. Expertise depends on volunteers’ ability to tutor and/or provide trainings. We pair the tutor with a child that best matches their academic expertise when tutoring. All adult volunteers must have a current background check. 

For the Spring Semester, we are offering twice a week after school Tutoring/Homework assistance Tuesday and Wednesday. Each child in attendance may choose to attend one (1) extracurricular activity class, offered once a week. Please note that tutoring and/or an extra curricular activity are 45 minutes long.

Our Spring semester starts February 6th and ends May 3rd 2024.

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JMCC - After-School Tutoring

Free out -of-school tutoring programs for at-risk school-aged populations are crucial for fostering academic success and breaking barriers to education. These programs provide tailored support, bridging gaps in learning and offering guidance crucial for these students' advancement. Offering such opportunities not only enhances educational outcomes but also cultivates a sense of confidence and empowerment, equipping at-risk youth with the tools needed to overcome challenges and thrive academically. Jacob's Mission Community Center (JMCC) offers small group and individual tutoring to help keep our children successful in the classroom and on track to graduate.