February 16 2016

Mom's Fight for Jacob's Law to get Therapy for Foster Kids

March 13 2016

Arizona foster moms change law to help troubled children

Jacob's Law In Action:

"I became involved in Jacob's Law after our daughter's story involving DCS was aired on Channel 12 News. Our sweet girl who is deaf and has multiple disabilities and medical issues along with severe behavior was taken by ambulance to Phoenix Children's Hospital on Christmas Eve by police and paramedics. The hospital wanted her discharged while she was still in restraints and receiving medication by injection. I made the mistake of saying that she was not safe to return home until she was more stable, so the social worker at Phoenix Children's then called DCS and reported us for neglect. As always, dealing with our daughter is complicated and she eventually ended up at Banner Desert ED while still in DCS custody. When I walked in one evening I found her locked in a posey/restraint bed, naked, alone, and no ASL interpreter with her. I was escorted out and in desperation called the media. While the Jacob's Law mothers had already put in months of work, I was able to testify at both the House and Sentate committees. Our attorney wrote a motion to dismiss our case and cited Jacob's Law in the motion. The judge did not refer to HB 2442 in her response but our DCS case was dismissed. I feel in my heart that Jacob's Law did play a part in the decision, and it's a consolation and blessing that not another family will have to experience what our family did because they are only trying to get help for our most fragile children."   Cynthia Elliot

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