ASA Now Immediate Needs Request

As foster and adoptive parents ourselves, we have opened up our homes to children and youth who arrived with only the clothing on their backs. We are here to help by providing clothing, basic essentials and other comfort items, thereby sending a message that they are valued and cared for by our community. If you are a youth aging out of foster care, we are here to help!


ASA Now's Giving Pantry offers a Family Food Box with pantry staples that feeds a family of four for three days to foster or kinship caregivers taking in new placements or who have a financial need.  .

ASA Now is offering the following service STATEWIDE:

* Cereal

* Breakfast Bars or Granola Bars

* Instant Oatmeal Packets

* Peanut Butter

* Jelly

* Spaghetti Noodles

* Spaghetti Sauce

* Ramen

* Mac & Cheese

* Canned Soup

* Canned Vegetables

* Rice

* Beans

* Canned Chicken

* Salsa

*Chicken Bouillon Cubes

* Apple Sauce

* Crackers

* Pretzels


ASA Now identified the need to have a 24/7 emergency giving closet that offers clothing and basic essentials for children and youth who have entered the foster care system as well as young adults (18-22 year old) aging out of foster care, who are ready to begin the journey of their independent lives.

 There are many sister agencies that provide this service during weekday business hours. If you receive a placement after hours, during the weekend or if ASA Now is closer in proximity to your home, we would love to be of service.

​As our community struggles to meet basic needs through this pandemic, ASA Now is here to help. We are available to serve kinship or foster caregivers receiving new placements 24/7. If you are a young adult that is aging out, please have your Caregiver, Case Manager or Independent Living Coordinator complete the Immediate Needs Request Form.

ASA Now is offering the following resources to families STATEWIDE:

*Underwear and socks


*Hygiene Kits

*Feminine Products

*Diapers and/or Pull Ups


*Comfort Bags (ages 1 – 4)
*School Backpack with School Supplies (ages 5-18)




​*Unused Make-up & Nail Polish

*Cleaning Supplies
*First Aid Kit

*Car Seats (Limited to unlicensed kinship caregivers only)
*Birthday gifts (for children having birthdays this month)

*All items are subject to inventory in stock at the time of the request.

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ASA Now believes that every child deserves to feel special on their birthday. For many children and youth in foster care, their birthdays can be a forgotten event. Jacob's Birthday Wishes is here to make sure that every child gets to celebrate their special day. We invite you to submit a request for a cake and presents. A courtesy seven (10) day notice is greatly appreciated. If this is an emergency placement we will be gladly provide birthday presents along with a birthday kit in a bag for caregivers to bake the cake at home. 

ASA Now is offering the following service STATEWIDE:

* Custom Cake (must have a 10 day notice) or

* Birthday in a Bag Kit

* Educational Birthday Present

* Fun Present

* Book

* Costume

* Stuffed Animal

* Blanket

* Gift Card for Teens

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