Tax Credit

ASA Now is an Arizona Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization. Arizona tax law allows those who donate to a Qualifying Foster Care charitable organization to receive a maximum tax credit of $1,000 for joint filers and $500 for single filers. This donation is more than just a deduction. It is a dollar for dollar reduction in what you owe or an increase in your refund. QFCO#10046. 

The tax credit is claimed on Form 352

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ASA Now is a 501(c)3 Foster Care Charitable Nonprofit Organization. We receive no funding from the federal or state government. Our funding depends entirely on generous individuals and corporate donation. Donate to Children in Foster Care and Get a Dollar For Dollar AZ Tax Credit. The maximum amount allowed is up to $500 for individual filers and up to $1000 for joint filers. 

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It is Arizona Tax Credit Season!
Did you know that as a married couple you can receive a Dollar for Dollar State tax CREDIT for up to $6,008 or if you are single up to $3,004! In simple terms, everyone owes State Taxes EVEN if you get a refund. A tax credit will lower your tax bill Dollar for Dollar. Which means more refund!

You can utilize all six tax credits to the extent you have tax liability and meet the donation qualifications.